Hardware Intergration

From completely effortless smart home systems to smart coffee makers, we can and have done everything in between. We implant a small microchip into your current electronics that enables us to get statistics, take the control of settings and power the electronics on and off. All of your devices talk to your router and than to our app.

Software Managment

After we collect all of the data and statistics the home will start to learn your routine and how to efficiently manage your home based on your life style. This may take a few weeks to perfect but the end result will save you money, effort, worries and time messing around with setting timmers, alarms and remembering to turn eveything off every night.

On Your Time

Today just about everyone is in a constant state of go go go. That is why we made our system to work around your schedual and not inturupt your day.

Routine Learning

Everyday our system will get a better understanding of when you will be home and of your routine while you are there. This will allow use to help you stay productive and not worry about the average household actities.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

We will install all of the hardware in your home that you will need to get started, any size of home is free of charge after the purchase of a home package. No one needs to be home, but if you prefer, we will schedule a convenient time for you to be there for the install of your new home package and get all of your electronics talking to each other.

Multiple Platform

Our solution to the home is avalaible on all the devices you need it to be on. We intergrate all of your electronics in the home together to talk with our app. This app can be used on your phone, tablet, watch or desktop computer.